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Dec. 30th, 2006


Mod // Posting Access & Mod Application


x Always cite sources and provide a link (when applicable). [EX. amazon.com, theartist.com, imdb.com/movie]
x Use your community icon (if you're a mod).
x Upload most images.
x Don't advertise too many communities. And only promote those you're SUGGESTING because you're IN IT and you LOVE IT.
x Only place one image out of a cut. If you'd like to provide more samples, put them under a cut (but the link still outside).
x I'm really anal about formatting, just make it look as close to mine as possible. When posting an image, put enough brake above it so it doesn't overlap you icon, I hate that.
x I have the right to take any posting access/moderatorship away if I feel like it.
x USE TAGS. FORMAT THEM LIKE MINE. [EX. what it is (book, movie, artist (& photographer), genre (if applicable), soure (cosmo, the onion (for articles only)
x MAKE THE TITLES LIKE MINE. [EX. what it is (artists, quote, book) // source (the onion, the book or author of the lyric or quote) // title (artist name, movie title)

Posting Access

It's screened. Don't fuck with the application. It doesn't have to be a novel.



Quote // Book // Grendel

There is no limit to desire, but desire's needs.

Grendel by John Gardner. (Read it now.)
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Magazine Article // Cosmo // 50 Fun Ways to Get Closer

Whether you've been with your guy for just a few weeks or more than a few years, one thing is likely true: You could 'always be just a little bit tighter as a couple. "Intimacy is an integral part of any budding or long-term relationship," says Cara Gardenswartz, PhD, a Los Angeles clinical psychologist. "But you need to keep things fun so it doesn't feel like a labor-intensive process."

To that end, Cosvno asked tons of real women to share the easy, no-brainer ways they've gotten superclose to their men--feel free to steal a page out of their bonding manual.

1 "I suggested we invite another couple over for dinner and he was game. He came with me to the grocery store and helped me chop and saute in the kitchen. Playing host together really made us feel like a team."--Robin, 32

2 "We just started dating and both work long days, but we try to chat at least a few minutes a day over Instant Messenger. We play a game where we IM one random thing about ourselves each day, like the name of my pet rabbit growing up or that his dream vacation is a trip to Australia."--Bridget, 27

3 "My guy is a great skier, but I'd never been and I was terrified. We went for the Weekend and had the best time. He was a great teacher and helped me off my butt when I fell."--Val, 23

4 "We once went driving through the town he grew up in. He showed me where he played little league, where he learned to ride a bike, where he first kissed a girl.... It gave me such a clear picture of his childhood."--Jillian, 26

5 "I joined a fantasy baseball league, which involves choosing your favorite real-life players and playing in a make-believe game online. He was wowed when I asked his opinion on which players to choose and why. We bonded over it for hours."--Karen, 32

6 "My guy's all-time favorite food is hamburgers. So we've made a game out of exploring each other's neighborhoods to find the best burgers in the city. We've even developed a ratings system based on silly things like firmness of bun, quality of pickles, type of french fries, etc."--Caitlin, 25

7 "My boyfriend is passionate about his favorite band. So right before we went to see them in concert, I downloaded all their songs so I could learn them. He was so surprised when I started belting out all the lyrics at the show. We had a ton of fun dancing around together."--Elizabeth, 29

8 "I can't believe he's into it, but he loves coming to yoga class with me. All of his friends tease him, but he's got the best reply ever. He just says "Hey man, I'm flexible, in ways you don't even know about."--Angie, 28

9 "He'd never admit it, but my boyfriend loves to take bubble baths. After we've both had a long day at work, I draw one for myself and invite him to jump in. Sometimes it leads to sex, but most of the time, we just chill out and talk."--Becca, 31

10 "I let him paint my toenails. Half the time, I end up with polish all over my feet, but it's so sweet and intimate that I don't really care." --Jackie, 29

11 "I bought tickets for me, him, and II his two best friends to their favorite team's baseball game. He said that seeing me get along so well with his buddies was the best present he could have asked for."--Melissa, 30

12 "My guy plays golf at least twice a week, so I figured that if I ever wanted to see him during the weekend, I should try taking a few lessons. Turns out, I got hooked too! Now we try to spend at least one day every weekend together out on the course."--Lauren, 29

13 "We're from different religions, but I went home with him to celebrate Easter. We dipped eggs with his nephews and then took them on an egg hunt. He was thrilled to see me bonding with his family."--Annie, 26

14 "I try to make plans with his friends' wives and girlfriends to do things like go shopping or see a movie. My guy loves feeling like we're part of this group of couples, and I end up making new friends."--Elisa, 28

15 How He Gets Close
Instead of waiting for words, look for the hidden meaning in his actions. Calling you a pet name in front of his buddies or even giving up the remote control are signs he's tightening your twosome.

16 "We signed up for a wine-tasting V class together. Besides learning something new and useful, we leave with a little buzz, which always puts us in the mood after."--Monica, 25

17 "When we first hooked up, it was so long ago, mix tapes were still cool! We continue to make them for each other on birthdays, holidays, whatever. We pick songs that make us think of each other and from bands we think the other would like."--Ally, 32

18 "My guy has no fashion sense whatsoever, so I always go with him to buy clothes for work. He ends up doing a private fashion show for me back home."--Tasha, 26

25 "We just got married and after the honeymoon discovered we both love doing the whole online photo thing. We spend hours together on the computer making photo albums and creating funny headings for all of our pictures."--Heart, 36

26 "This past summer, we both took surfing lessons. Besides being a great way to keep in shape, it paves the way for tons of fun beach vacations together."--Danielle, 27

27 "Sometimes, my husband and I completely escape. We turn off every phone in the house and don't talk to anyone else ... except the pizza delivery guy."--Veronica, 33

28 "Once every blue moon, we v get dressed up and go gambling. We agree on a set amount to bet so we don't end up throwing away the rent, but it's such a rush to be at the tables screaming side by side."--Betsey, 32

29 "This is so old-fashioned, but he's happy whenever I attempt making any of his mother's recipes. I know they never come out as good as hers, but he's always really touched by the effort."--Keisia, 34

30 "My boyfriend and I joined a touch football team. We run around getting sweaty all afternoon and then come home and jump in the shower together."--Julia, 30

31 "When we have the time, we do 'cooking night,' where we try to re-create a great meal we've had at a nice restaurant. Sometimes we goof, but it's always an adventure."--Kat, 31

32 "I went fishing with him. I was sure I'd be bored, but it ended up being romantic. We just chilled out in a little boat all day and ended up catching our dinner."--Tara, 2Z

32 "We quit smoking together. We dared each other to find the best flavor of craving-fighting gum and called each other whenever we had an urge. It definitely wasn't easy, but doing it together bonded us."--Darcy, 22

34 "Friday nights, we drink wine and dance in our living room, to fast music as well as slow. It's like our own private party."--Jen, 35

35 "Once every few months, we babysit our friend's kids. It's fun to play house for the night then leave exhausted and grateful that it's just the two of us again."--Christina, 25

36 I bought us a spa package where we both get deep-tissue massages in the same room at the same time. It's totally relaxing and a huge turn-on. Afterward, neither of us can wait to get home."--Melanie, 26

37 "We go camping at least a few times a year. We make a fire and snuggle in the tent at night--it really feels like we're the only two people on the planet."--Nicole, 31

38 "I told him stories about my favorite holiday memories with my family and asked for his. Corny as it sounds, we both opened up even more after that."--Julie, 24

39 "Even though he wasn't contagious, I pretended I caught my guy's cold so we could stay home sick together and spend the workday snuggling in bed."--Leah, 28

40 "I trained to run a marathon with him. He had already run three and I had never even done a 5K, so training was a huge challenge. But there was nothing like pushing our bodies to the limit side by side."--Alison, 27

41 "We decided to take two weeks to drive cross-country together. We spent the days talking and playing games in the car, then spent the nights cuddling in dive motels in the middle of nowhere."--Jacqueline, 28

42 "My guy had been working for months on this one project. When it was over, I took him out for dinner and toasted all the things I thought he had done well. He was really touched."--Mara, 34

43 "I introduced a new guy I was dating to the best movie ever ... Napoleon Dynamite. Naturally he loved it too (a good sign!) and we started e-mailing audio clips and reciting movie quotes back and forth all day trying to one-up each other."--Shannon, 30

44 "I have this big photo album of my childhood that my mom made for me. One night when he was over, I asked if he wanted to see it and we laughed at all my dorky outfits and stupid haircuts."--Jenna, 28

45 "On our first trip together to Mexico, I signed us both up to scuba dive because I'd never been before. Seeing such amazing things together really brought us closer. We even developed our own hand signals to communicate underwater."--Alyssa, 27

46 "My guy's family is French, so I bought one of those language tapes so I could learn a few phrases. Even though my accent is awful and I can barely order a croissant, he's thrilled that I'm even trying."--Teri, 34

47 "we went to the opera, and it was the first time for both of us. We bought the CD and listened to it together beforehand so we'd know the story. Now we go once per season and it's our favorite date night."--Lena, 30

48 "When one of us is feeling down, the other will just start serenading them in this really loud, off-key voice. For some reason, it makes everything better."--Tiffany, 26

49 "He loves art-house movies and I'm a Hollywood blockbuster girl. So we take turns choosing what to see. I've actually learned to enjoy subtitles, and he's discovered cheesy movies can be fun too."--Meg, 29

50 "When the weather's warm, we spend Saturday mornings washing the car. By the time we're done, we've usually had at least three water fights and we're both sopping wet--not such a bad thing."--Hope, 25 Give Him the Sexy Silent Treatment

SOURCE: Sobol, Beth. "50 fun ways to get closer: these bonding tricks are such a blast to undertake, he'll have no idea they're part of a ploy to fuse your union. Pick and choose the ones that grab you.(LOVE AND LUST)." Cosmopolitan 240.1 (Jan 2006): 86(4).


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